TV Devices

The future for TV devices is endlessly debated, but the fact is that in-home devices are still core to many offerings.

Media Servers

AminoVU is our high performance Media Server suite with advanced home networking features for simultaneous streaming of live and recorded TV to a multitude of TVs, tablets and smartphones through the home - using any combination of wired and wireless networking.

Recording Devices

The AminoVU suite augments our reliable devices with local recording capability, and is often deployed alongside AminoVU devices as a powerful recording hub for the main TV. When combined in this way, the additional TVs in other rooms can view live and recorded content.

Client Devices

AminoVU offers a range of highly reliable, low cost-of-ownership client TV devices that deliver entertainment to the main (or additional) TV in the home: small enough to mail, tough enough to run faultlessly.

Enterprise Devices

AminoVU offers a range of enterprise solutions to maximize the impact of your message or campaign. Whether it's offering a movie on demand service to your hotel guests, showing replays at a sports stadium, or capturing shoppers with an interactive ad, our field proven solutions can help you reach your audience more effectively.

Devices and more…

You know that the average home contains six or more connected screens. We appreciate that customer requirements vary greatly. Within one market you may have a household wirelessly streaming video to many TV screens, tablets and smartphones simultaneously; while next door a more traditional home is wired throughout with fixed internet or cable connections in every room. Other homes simply want a cost-effective, reliable client TV device for the main TV in the living room.

You want to serve these differing customer needs with a hardware, software and support package that keeps everyone happy – your CEO, finance, your customer support team and your subscribers.

With a proud heritage in IPTV, over 7 million IP-connected TV devices shipped and serving over 1,000 providers, we understand your world. AminoVU TV devices, powered by our proven ENABLE virtual set-top box software platform, give you the flexible package, the great SDK and the low running costs you need. ENABLE has been field-proven over ten years in more than 150 deployments globally. ENABLE offers a rich native C and HTML5 development environment, flexible enough to integrate your choice of TV middleware, applications and security solutions.

The Amino team has a track record of delivering what you need, where you need it - quickly and reliably. We’ve also recently grown our footprint in key markets and have direct experience in everything from hybrid cable to IP-only solutions.

Proven across the world in many environments, our team and the ENABLE virtual set-top box software platform give you rapid deployment, industry-leading reliability and a platform to expand your offer where and when your customer wants it.

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