‘Operator Ready’ Android TV is the way to the future for many operators: an Amino Manifesto

SVP Marketing Jamie Mackinlay looks at the most pain-free way for most operators to deploy the Google pay-TV platform ahead of NAB Show 2019

Android TV has emerged as one of the most straightforward ways for many pay-TV operators to offer the advanced features and functionality consumers are looking for in an anywhere, anytime, multidevice entertainment world. It gives operators the flexibility to deliver innovative new features and functionality, while providing the modern user experience (UX) and access to apps that their customers are coming to expect.

The Google platform has become the fastest growing pay-TV environment globally, providing an intelligent and efficient way of meeting key business goals: stemming churn, boosting revenues and attracting new subscribers. Android TV, however, is not ‘plug and play’ and adopting it requires expertise, experience and the right support technology.

In fact, what most operators are looking for – and require to make Android TV work – is an ‘operator ready’ solution: an extended and enhanced version of the platform that integrates with an operator’s existing infrastructure and networks. Critical to truly ‘operator ready’ Android TV is additional specialist backend support that fully delivers an integrated multiscreen and traditional pay-TV service. In the following manifesto, we outline the crucial whats, whys and hows of ‘Operator Ready’ Android TV:

Amino Manifesto on ‘Operator Ready’ Android TV

‘Operator Ready’ Android TV is the future for small and medium pay-TV operators. It enables any operator to cost-effectively provide the modern TV experience today’s consumers expect. Android TV is transforming operators’ ability to quickly deploy leading-edge features such as voice control, multiscreen delivery, federated search, personalized user experience and the latest apps – quickly giving the operator a competitive advantage. The ‘operator ready’ solution is an extended and enhanced version of the Android TV platform that integrates with an operator’s existing infrastructure and networks – while providing multicast and real-time streaming protocol support, along with a service assurance platform.

Android TV is set to take over the world. Research from digital market analyst Ovum shows that the majority of today’s video service providers have either Android TV or Android Open Source Platform (AOSP) on their technology roadmaps, with 72% considering Android implementations as part of their short, medium, or long-term set-top box (STB) strategies. The research goes on to reveal that more than two-thirds of video service providers surveyed expect Android to be the market-leading TV platform by 2025. The reason is a combination of factors: an ecosystem of 150-plus TV and media apps that are already available and the fact these apps are supported by a highly customizable front-end UX, service branding and advanced functionality.

‘Operator Ready’ Android TV takes more than a new set-top box. Truly ‘operator ready’ Android TV also requires additional backend support to upgrade and integrate multiscreen and traditional pay-TV functions – which is where Amino’s expertise, advice and innovative technology comes in. Amino is able to ensure Android TV compatibility with different supplier systems through AminoOS, its software solution for deploying and managing connected devices. The Amino team is also able to provide end-to-end Android TV integration via the AminoTV multiscreen video platform, which enables operators to segment their customer base to best meet the needs of different groups of subscribers.

Pay-TV providers will adapt and evolve. And Amino will help them. Our small/medium pay-TV customers want the ability to create branded user experiences for their subscribers, regardless of the device used to enjoy video content. RethinkTV Research indicates that 11% of PayTV households will enjoy an AndroidTV experience by 2022. That’s 100M set-top boxes. Amino’s Operator Ready Android TV gives a practical roadmap for expanding their content offerings, launching a branded user interface, adding voice interaction while respecting existing investments and regulatory requirements. Consistent delivery of a great customer experience with as little disruption as possible is critical for retention, particularly when new services are being deployed.

Without a doubt, Android TV deployment will positively impact your business. Amino experience confirms this. When Amino supported Finnish operator DNA, one of Europe’s fastest-growing telecoms providers, with the world’s first end-to-end Android TV deployment, the benefits were clear. DNA can now test and rapidly bring to market innovative new services via a fully integrated content and feature-rich Android TV offering. Enhanced customer data insight is also driving cross-selling and upselling, with improved pull-through rates on premium broadband and content packages. DNA now is acquiring customers faster than planned, more effectively moving existing customers onto premium broadband packages, and increasing average revenue per user.

Amino is paving the way for ongoing growth in an all IP/cloud world. To learn more about ‘Operator Ready’ Android TV and how Amino can help in this area, you can visit our team during NAB Show 2019 at the Amino Wynn Salon Suite (check in at the lobby of the Wynn Tower Suites, accessed via the South Gate), April 6th to 11th in Las Vegas. To book an appointment, just email us at sales@aminocom.com.